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About the Program:
The Wisconsin Neurological Society with the support from the AAN has developed series of videos called Advocacy for Neurology: Improving Life of your Patients, Your Practice and your Profession.  This four video series will take you through the advocacy journey touching on the basics in the Introduction to Advocacy video all the way to the Master Class.  Each video is around 15 minutes for quick viewing and includes a list of links for quick access resources.

If you would like access to the video series please email the WNS office at WNS@badgerbay.co

Introduction to Advocacy
Mark Grapentine, JD - Wisconsin Medical Society
Donn Dexter, MD - WNS Past President

Mark Grapentine, Chief Policy & Advocacy Officer at the Wisconsin Medical Society joins us to share the importance of advocacy and belonging to your local, state, or national medical societies as well as some tips to stay or get involved through these various organizations.

What are Next Steps?
Eddie Patton, MD - AAN Government Relations Committee Member
Anne Weiss, DO - WNS Member

Dr. Eddie Patton joins us to share his experiences in advocacy and how he has been involved as a board member of the Texas Neurological Society, past president of the Harris County Medical Society-Southwest Branch, and a member of the Government Relations Committee of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN).

Advocacy for Residents & Academic Faculty
Kara Stavros, MD - Rhode Island Hospital; Warren Alpert Medical School 
Aaron Struck, MD - WNS Vice President

Dr. Kara Stavros joins us to share specifically what advocacy might look like for residents and academic faculty. Dr. Stavros a neurologist at Rhode Island Hospital and an assistant professor of neurology at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. She had done extensive research on advocacy education in neurology residency programs and the need for the development of advocacy curricula.

Master Class
Nicholas Johnson, MD - Chair, AAN Advocacy Committee 
Timothy Young, MD - President-Elect

Dr. Nicholas Johnson joins us to share is expertise in advocacy. Dr. Johnson serves as chair of the Advocacy Committee for the American Academy of Neurology. He is also a member of the American Academy of Neurology's delegation to the American Medical Association. In these roles, Johnson advocates for improving the practice of neurology for neurologists and their patients.

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